ViDEO • Proof that my loving kitty and me use to cuddle while I'm sleeping 💞

“Aww nothing more exquisite than sleeping with my kitty like this, she embedded in me.”  😂 😍 ❤️
“So cute kitty you have, she really loves cuddling.” 😻 + 😍
“I'm lucky too, I experience this every night with my cat.” 😊
“Mine are jumping all over around 😂 when I am sleeping. A after the Carnival they come back to sleep with me.”  🥰 🤣
“My cat is so sweet, I love her to death, all she wants is cuddles.”  💞 💝 ❤️
“Hmm... unreasonable. That giant pack of KitKats (aka KitCats) on your bed would be eliminated by me within the first 3 minutes, haha.” 😂
[Source @lilmonkeyfist]
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