ViDEO • Curious Meercat flabbergasted by his human in the bathtub! 🛀 👀

“Kitty is worried about his beloved human: are you okay, Mom!?” 😿
“Cat is stuck between "I'm tf out" and "I gotta save her!” 🙀
“So funny! My kitten did this same kind of thing when she found me in the bathtub for the first time!” 🛀
"Mom...MOM! Did you know you're getting all wet?!?! 😼 I'll help you to get out from there.” 😂
“Aww, kitty  got thumbs and can stand, so he's about to box the water.” 🥊🥊 😂
“Cat: This is so terrible... I have to take another look.” 😳
“Curiosity might have soaked the cat!” 😂
“What cool & funny mittens does your cat have!” 🐾
[Video: marcelinethecatqu33n @Tiktok]
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