ViDEO • A real cat lover explains why her beloved cat is her real... 'baby' πŸ‘Ά 😻 (and we agree!)

She saids: “My brain screams 'THIS IS YOUR BABY' and...” πŸ’•
• “They are babies. I do have human babies also. My cats are also my babies. They are just as innocent and deserving of love, care, patience and understanding. Cat lover forever.” 😍 🐈
• “My brain works the same way, TRUE THAT πŸ’―, needed to be said πŸ”Š and your baby 'Paquito' is the most adorable furr BABY!”
• “I was in the kitchen talking to our cat Charlie: “Who's my baby? Who is my beautiful furry baby? Who is my baby” on the 5th question to my cat my daughter yelled: “I am! I'm your baby!” (My daughter is... 30!) So everybody is 'my baby' as long as they're cute, adorable and full of love! We still laugh about that!” πŸ‘©πŸ˜‚
• “No, sorry, not the same thing. Do real babies purr? I don't think so.” 😻
• “Our cat are our babies, and we're our human MOMs! Purrfect harmony” πŸ‘ͺ
• “The fact that 'Paquito' is just chilling and asleep the whole πŸ‘ dang πŸ‘ time 😻 Paquito you are a magic baby.” ✨
• “Of course! I have two human children and one “cathijo” (baby cat), and my kids know that they all are... brothers and sisters.” 🀷🏻
• “I have both kinds of babies, they’re both baby to me.“ ❤️ 😻
• “Yes, our fur babies are our children!” πŸ’—
• “Well done! Haters gonna hate. We, cat Moms, will always love our cat babies.” πŸ’‹
• “I love your  video , you are speaking and gesticulating and cuddly 'Paquito' doesn’t even open his eyes. Cool baby, cool...“ 😍
• “We call our human babies 'the hairless kittens', haha! Babies are babies. They’re ALL our babies.”
• “Yes, they are our babies. I pay for their health insurance, food, water, roof and can’t be left alone if I go on vacation (which I don’t since I feel guilty leaving them) or it will be neglect lol. In this economy that’s a child to me.” πŸ‘§❤
• “I'm laying comfortably next to my fur baby thinking is time to wake up the real baby but I don’t want to.” πŸ˜‚
• “Truth. We have the 4-legged version of a baby, but it’s still our baby.”
• “Really (p)awesome 😎 video and cat 🐈, rarely I have seen such a strong symbiosis between woman and cat. Wonderful!” πŸ‘
• Who cares what they say or think, we love our purring babies.” πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’—
[Video @paquito_thecat_official]
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