ViDEO • Cute vampurr 🧛 kitty wants to suck hater's blood! 🩸🩸🩸

“This looks like when a vampire turns into a cat while wearing a expensive wool coat.” 😆
“This looks like a vampire trying reaaaaaally hard to convince you he's an innocent cat.” 😂
“Weird but 'Pixel' always 😃 smiling.”
“Have you ever seen a more amazing cat face?” 👀
“Bat cat 🦇  with big ears. Wow what an exotic kitty.”  😮 ❤️
“Pixel, you have beautiful green eyes.”  💚 💚
“He looks like a bat but a really cute one at that.” 💜
“The vampurr teeeeeeeffffff.”  🧛
“Such a sweetheart.”  💛 🖤
“He looks like a cartoon!”
“Hmm... why is he looking at me like that?” 😱
[Video @pixelandsophie]
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