ViDEO • Proof No. 53 that working from home with cats 😸 is an impurrssible mission!

Because your shoulders are a purrferct sofa for your loving Calico cat! 😄
“Daddy you are my world, let me love you!” 😍  😻
“I love how by the end of the video he's completely surrendered  to cat domination, and he gives up! No home work today!” 🤣
“With such an affectionate kitty, resistance is futile!”
“That last position 👏😂 shows who's the boss in this house.” 😉
“That 'bottom' sit waving the tail at the end - priceless.” 😂🫶
“There are so many people who would love to have a cat just like that.  You’re very lucky.”
“I'm laughing so hard those cat moves are hilarious and fantastic.”
[Source @lilly_lotti_cats]
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