ViDEO • OMG! 😱 hundreds of Tuxedo cats meowing noisily 💥 in sync!

“Hahaha 🤣  what a noisy mess, haters gonna hate!” 😡
“My cat's eyes widened more and more as the ones in the video multiplied.”🙀
“Scared should I be?” 😱
“I'm hypnotized. I can't get out of the video.” 👀
“I need this MEOW symphony as my new alarm tone. And ringtone.... and message tone!” 📲
“I know I already said it’s the best video I’ve ever seen (this is 100% fact) but please make more of these, they are f*cking brilliant.” 👏
“I've just had a panic attack after this amazing video.” 💔
“When you feed many outdoor cats at the same time.” 😄
[Source @fedenka_kot]
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