ViDEO • Rocky balbocat trains hard for the big match! 🥊 😼 🥊 💪

"A male cat is standing on his back legs and doing some gestures like he is fighting against something in the air. On the internet people compared him to the boxer Muhammed Ali and now his nickname is Meowmed Ali. Also Meowke Tyson." 😂 👍
“Hmm, he sees something we can't see. ”😂
“Purranormal cativity.” 😸
“He's training or that's a lot if ghosts he's knocking out!” 👻👻👻
“Purrfect shadow-boxing!” 👍
“Looks like he's been in the catnip!” 👀
“Fast and agile cat practicing for his next boxing match!” 🥊 🥊
“Very weird, very creepy and very funny!” 😕 😱 😁
[Video via ViralHog @YouTube]
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