If our cute kitties were SUPERHEROES! 💪 😽

Funny AI Generated Cats. AI • If our kitties were superheroes, cute and scary at the same time!
Captain America • Hulk • Doctor Strange • Thor • Iron man • Groot
Hey wait, cats ARE ALREADY Superheroes!!! 💪 😻
“They think that they are scary enough. Meanwhile, their cuteness have skyrocketed especially... ugly Hulk.” 💚
“Cutiiiiie Grooooot!” 💓
“Thor looks like a grumpy grandpa, haha.” 😂
“So, Iron man is an orange cat.” 😋
“They generate a feeling of 'awe' and 'fear' at the same time, 'awe' that it can generate unique art instantly, fear in a way that it would take the magic out of art.” 👍
C'mon guys: 'All furr one and one furr all.” 👊
. MEOWrvel gang 
. Captain ameriCAT
. Iron CAT
. KiTTEN America
. PAWthor
. Captain AMEOWca
. MEOWhulk
. Doctor KiTTY
. Iron MEOW
. Captain MEAOWica
. Iron CAT
. CATain America
. Etc.”
[AI pics @meowed]
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