ViDEO • 6 funny and cute cats, mode 'Pawshake' activated 🐾

Good trick done with your many cats: congratulations! 👏 (not easy with kitties)
“Cute cats. Very cute. ❤ 💙💚💛💜💗
“Look at this 😻 sooo wonderfully cute 🥰😃 🐾
“Orange cat is the best” 😍
“The dream of having lots of babies like this!”
“Number 5 must be named 'Biden'” 😂
“And number 6 definitely 'Trump'”  🤣
“Wait, at the end  'Biden' gives a high five!” 👋
“Very affectionate: 'Give me a hand to wait for the offering'. Haha”😁
[Video: @jengtieow]
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