“Yesterday, my cat stole my mini perfume bottle and left the room with it! But whyyyy❓❓❓”

Funny cat burglar. My cat stole my mini perfume bottle and left the room with it
“Because she needs your perfume ► She has a hot date tonight, so don't blame her.” 💞
“Nope, because she finds the scent offensive, so she's going to bury that bottle in the backyard, out of sight, out of mind.” 😂
“Wow, such a purrfessional 'cat burglar'!” 👍
“She's like nothing to see here, talk to yall later...” 🤣
“The funny EYE CONTACT contact is simple 👀 you see nothing woman, nothing!”
“I’m gonna borrow this for my litter box.” 😮
“🎵 Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious 🎵”
“Because every pretty cat needs some Purr-fume” 😻
“'Your perfume? Haha, what perfume and who are you?' (you are her human and everything you have is her!)” 😂
“Nothing to see here... Just practicing my daily moonwalk, go on with your business now!” 😾
“If the pawlice comes... you saw nothing, OK?” 👮
“Well, she has THUMBS, just not opposable thumbs. Those would be helpful here.” 😂
“No doubt his goal is to bury it far far away. Maybe for you it's time for a new scent.” 😘
“Because she’s protecting you from forever chemicals.”
“That's mine... in case you don't know, I own everything in the house, it's MY house, innocent hooman!” 🏡 😂
“Because maybe she doesn't like the smell and doesn't want you wearing it. Blargh! To the trash bin!”
“Smooth operator. Very pawfesional” 🐾
“Because she's probably stealing the perfume because it's likely harmful to the cat to breathe in when she's wearing it. Smart cat.”
“Your cat is not being cute, she is saying that it is sensitive to that perfume and when you wear it the cat has an allergic response to it. That is why she is looking into your eyes.” 👀
“Because she is a 'RUSSIAN blue cat', that's why!” 🤣
"Human, you didn't see me... This neveeeeeer happened, right?!" 😼
“Hmm... Because she's obviously plotting something bad, open your eyes...” 😑
“Well done kitty, that’s how I pick up money 💸 I found on the floor, hahaha!” 😂
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