ViDEO • OMG! Gluttonous cat wildly devours human food and cat food! 😂

What a huge appetite. Fast (and furrious) food! 😻
“Mode 'WiLD Yum Yum Yum' activated: Level 100!”
“Eating like me at the end of my diet(s), hahaha!”
“Om Nom Nomnivore cat. He is a cat or a pig cat? ”
“I've had many many cats my whole life they never eat like this! Very funny and impressive!
“He's more vegetarian than a human being, so he's going to have a long life 😮 👏 ❤️
“Like a FURRary V12 motor” 😂
“My cat still complains that he's very hungry, only half an hour later his lunch! 😒
“Crazy & hilarious 😂 I hope he's OK to eat all that human food”. 😮 😍
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