Xmas • Seriously, you though that you're clever than your cat... YOU FAiLED!

Christmas cat GIF • Clever cat jumps and hangs on Xmas tree, whatever. Epic fail, haha! [ok-cats.com]

Double FAiL!
1- Now, your cat is on the tree, ready to... destroy it! 💣
 2- He uses your tree as a purrfect swing haha! 😂
“Human, I love Christmas so much, I just wanted to give the tree a hug.” 💕
“Cat: "Hmmm I see, Okay: challenge ACCEPTED!" 😼
“Dude, hang an open umbrella from the base of the tree.”
“Dude, kitty sleeps in open umbrella hanging under Christmas tree.”
“So, just put aluminum foil underneath it, no? Or a cucumber, no? Or 3 vacuum cleaners, hahaha! Little monsters.” 😂
“Where there is a will, there is a way.” 😸
[Video @satci]

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