Super cute and elegant catwalk 🐈 A true classy wearer 👌

Funny Cat GIF • Super cute and elegant catwalk. A true classy wearer []
“And in the French style, ready for the Pawris fashion week.” 👍 ❤️
“And In Vintage Chanel of course!” 🙌 💜
“Do you mean Catnel?” 😸
“Funny hat >> a touch of class.” 💢
“For God's sake, that elegance.” 😍
“One of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.” 👧
“So gracefully 😭 she’s a walking queen.”
“Did you see what it is, purrfect French wave. ”  👏
“Such a pretty meowdel.”👌
“She looks like Tom’s girlfriend.”😂
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