OMG! Jesus's cat running on...water! (Or Naruto in real life?)

Amazing Cat GIF • OMG! Jesus's cat running on water or cat possessed by Naruto?
“What type of magic power is this, some cats are amazing!”
“Run Forrest's cat, run!”
“The cat possessed by NARUTO!”
“Kitty got some chakra.”
“Fast and purrious cat playing fetch, haha.”
“That is moses's cat.”
“Naruto in real life.”
“Wanjir Naruto Versi Kucing Oren :).”
“Fuck gravity! Breaking the laws of physics.”
“Lo que hace un gato para no mojarse jajaajajja!” 😂
“A cat from the land of Konoha.”
“Narutoooooo Sasukeeeeeee!.”
“CATch me you can!”
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