“Oh NOOO, please kitty, do not...” • “Videobomb? OK, you're doing it right.” πŸ˜‚

Funny Cat GIF • Cat purrfectly videobombing his Mom showing her butt to camera [ok-cats.com]
  “I like how she gently picks up her innocent kitty at the end.” πŸ’•
   “I expected a trap...”
  “Cat haters gonna hate!” 😸
  “I have seen enough, so it's OK.” πŸ˜…
  “Oh meow God, saved in last tenth of second.” πŸ˜₯
  “A surprise to be sure, but a funny one.” πŸ˜‹
  “Butts are temporary but cats are eternal.”πŸ˜†
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