Meet 'Geri', an amazing and gorgeous 💕 two-faced Chimera cat (girl)

Amazing Cat GIF • Check our '' an amazing and beautiful two-faced cat (girl) from Australia []
'Geri' is a beautiful and adorable cat and her chimerism has added to her stunning looks. Geri's owner adopted her from a pet store! She's a Persian and Ragdoll mix...
“I love this wonderful Cat.” ❤️
“OMG, what a BEAUTY.“ 😱
“Gorgeous kitty with beautiful green eyes.”
“Your cat is too adorable.” 🥰
“Fluffy beauty and weird face as well, breaking the rules.” 💥

'Geri', beautiful and amazing two-faced Chimera cat. She's really gorgeous
Geri is living in Australia

Art Cat GIF • Look at this Funny map. The World is a Cat playing with Australia. Cats rule the World
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