Impatient cat wanted to return on boat but... epic jump FAiL and... SPLASH! 🤣

Hilarious Cat GIF • Impatient cat wants to return on boat but... epic jump fail and... SPLASH! []
  I've made a huge mistake but I regret nothing... 😹
  “Impatient boat cat almost returning home, haha!” 😅
  “The fact that the kitty thought it could jump from that raft to the rope and climb up is so impressive and adorable at the same time.”
  “Instead of jumping the shorter distance (or even just waiting 5 seconds) this impatient cat decided to go all purrates of the Catribbean and aim for the rope!” 👀
  “Aww poor kitty got full wet.” 💦💦
  “MisCATculation. Relative velocity calculations could be tricky. Damn vectors!” 😬
  “I'm gonna assume that the video ended too soon because the guy filming is gonna hop in and help the poor wet cat”
  “Yep, I hope he turned back and saved the cat.” 👍
  “So, a CATfish on a CATamaran would be better!?” 😆
  “Was that cat going through catnip withdrawals? Why would he risk the water with that crazy jump?”
  “Yep cleary it was a suicide, 8 lives left?” 😌
  “The jump was 9.5/10, but the landing was 0/10, because too much water!” 💧
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