Ho Ho Ho! Cute pink Santa kitty is coming on her skateboard!

Xmas Cat  GIF • Ho Ho Ho! Pink Santa kitty is coming to town on her...skateboard!
Merry Christmas lovely cutie ❤️ 💝
“What a pretty kitty, may be the cutest Santa cat ever.”
“Meowy Catmas baby, happy day. I hope all kitties all around the W are full of joy on this magic day.”
“Aww, these fluffy Santa cats with pink suits are too too adorable!”
“I love her. Fluffy kitty is so pretty in her little suit and hat and riding her skateboard, breaking the Xmas rules.” 😸
[Video @ricorico_rico]
Aww...Pink Santa Cat is the cutest skateboarder ever
Awww 💟 So cute cute cute Santa cat

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