Funny cat flabbergasted by sneaky bubbles 👀 of sparkling mineral water (PURRier) 😁

Funny cat GIF • Innocent cat flabbergasted by bubbles of 'Perrier' (aka Purrier) []
I love the little head bobs 😁 cats are so inquisitive creatures...
"The bubble just blew kitty's mind away.” 💥
“A much more gentle example of the curiosity of cats.” 👀
“But what kind of sorcery is this?” 😼
“The weirdest things will catch their attention. And then they’ll be obsessed!”
“Love how cats reactions are always just like 'Oh WTF!?'” 🙀
“The cat moves like an owl. 'Maybe if I look at it from a slightly different angle.'”
“Effervescent startle.” 🍾
[Video: baltazarlaurie @TikTok]
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