First they made bread and biscuits, but now they make...bOObs! 😹

😼Funny Cat GIF • White kitten and black cat kneading BooBs in sync
“Hmmm...SEXY massage?” 😛
“Shhhhh...Don't say a word! This doesn't concern you, walk away!”
“Oh hey Dad, you're home early today, wait I can explain...” 🙀
“I don't care what they say about us, I'm in love with you, Mom.”  😻
Funny Cat GIF • Pervert cat kneading big boobs Please gimme some fresh milk I am thirsty

Art Cat GIF with Caption • Cats massaging boobs 32-bit vs. 64-bit contest :)

Funny Cat GIF • Crazy cat kneading hard boobs. He wants some milk. His human is laughing!

Meanwhile, a crazy cat...
“Mom, I'm gonna explode
your bOObs full of milk!” 😂
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