Hilarious cat fighting 🥊 🥊 ghosts that humans can't see, haha! 🤣

Hilarious Cat GIF • Young cat fighting the ghosts that humans can't see! [ok-cats.com]
“Put ‘em up, put ‘em up! I’ll fight ya with one paw tied behind my back. I’ll fight ya standing on one foot.”😆
“Tyson Purry in action!”🥊
“And he's one of the best greeble fighters out there.”😂
“Keep up the good fight Meowy Balboa or Rocky Meowboa.” 🥊 🥊
“My guess: a blow dryer or something else that will blow a stream of air.” 💨💨
“Some mosquito prob. Even though I doubt a mosquito is faster than a cat.” 🦟
“Shadow boxing is a great way to get cardio in! Keep working on your footwork bud, thats how you send them factory reset hits.“ 👍
“It's the eye of the kitty, it's the thrill of the fight.” 💪
[Video via imgur.com]
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