Amazing black cat with white fluffy tufts... behind his ears!!!

Amazing Cat GIF • Cute black cat with white fluffy tufts behind his ears! []
“I have never seen a kitty like 'Max' with floff behind his ears! Especially in different color than the rest of his coat.”πŸ–€πŸ€
“Amazing and adorable!”  πŸ’
“I would name him Koala.” 🐨
“What kind of PokΓ©mon is this?” 😍
 “I thought this was a marmoset.” πŸ˜…
“Is that just a mutation or are there whole groups of cats with that crazy hair because that's cool.”πŸ‘€
“I suspect that one of the parents was a rockhopper penguin.
“He’s like a Dr Seuss cat!” πŸ˜‹
“OH MY! What a beautiful cat, breaking the coat color rules!” πŸ’•
“Don't feed him after midnight!” 😱
[Video @maxandhisfloofs]
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