'Apollo' the big cat is already dressed up 🎅 for Christmas 👌

Christmas Cat GIF • 'Apollo' the big cat is dressed up for Xmas [ok-cats.com]
“What a Cute Santa cat and funny reindeer Apollo.” 😻
“Those big cheeks made my day.” 😍
“At the sock stage, I just rolled out laughing 😂 you are so cute and funny Santa paws, Apollo!” 😂
“He's so gentle such a sweet and tolerant boy.”
“Apollo, you're a gorgeous and elegant boy.”👏
“Aww, look at his little mittens, so cute.” 😍
“And the socksn hahaha!” 😭
“So cute ❤️ 😘 my chubby cat.” 💋
[Video @lorettabritishcat]
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