Rescued kitty πŸ’• Not all heroes wear red capes.This one wears a grey jacket πŸ‘

Amazing cat GIF • Kitten rescued by good human with carboard box []
Proof that real men love cats! πŸ‘΄πŸ’•πŸˆ
“Well done! He knew only a cardboard box would give the cat trust and confidence in him.” πŸ˜‚ πŸ™Œ
“Thank you for your compassion for this kitty cat. ❤️ May you receive a blessing for your kindness.”
“Thank you for saving that furry purry baby you are a HERO!.” πŸ‘
🐈says: “Thanks for the lify, good hooman.”
“Great rescue. Thank you nice people.”  πŸ™
“Thank you kind soul, may God bless you, for your CATtitude.” πŸ’‹
“Had to be a card board box because cats, hehe.” πŸ˜†
“You did a very good job. You will receive a lot of blessings.” πŸ‘
[Video @ε°±ζ˜―θΏ™δΉˆδ»»ζ€§]
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