“My cat was so facinated watching birds on TV, he didn't even notice I put a Santa hat on him, haha!” 🤣

Santa Cat GIF • Cat so facinated by birds on TV didn't even notice he has a Santa hat on him [ok-cats.com]
“Oh he is sooo cute and so adorably chubby. I love him!” 🎅
“Pretty sure your cat is an incarnate of the Grinch.”😆
“Yo, he fuck*ng loves birds I’m into it.” 🐦
“My cat sits through whole episodes of Planet Earth! It's adorable.” 👍
“I love that his facial expressions change. He is clearly into this bird show.” 👀
“I was so fascinated watching your cat, my wife put a Santa hat on me, hahaha!”
“Your cat has sith eyes, and eye love them.” 💛💜
“That is so cute and funny! I love how you can see the bird TV in the reflection in the window!” 😂
[Video: yu/iamkokonutz @reddit.com]
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