Brave (and shameless) Seagull steals cat food despite 2 cats!! 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

Funny Cat GIF • Brave (and shameless) Seagul steals cat food  despite 2 cats []
“They are not rubbish, they have great hospitality.” 👌🏽✨
“Your cats made the right decision that day.” 😅
“Yes, look at the reaction of the cats, I even agree with them, no point in dying for a bowl of food 😄 You’ll get a new bowl of food tomorrow.”
“‘Be more seagull’ is my new life philosophy!” 🤣
“I do apologize, but I like so much cat food.”
“Love is sharing your food, thank you guys.” 💕
“My favorite part is when he picks the single piece of food off the floor near the end. It’s like he’s flexing and saying 'Everything is mine, even these scraps. They get nothing'.” 😂
“I love the way he takes the stairs 😂 like a distinguished seagull gentleman on his way to luncheon.”
“Seagull said 'Seriously, you let the door open and not expect me to come?” 😆
“This is the sign of ingenuity, intelligence and bravery to survive.” 😬
“The cat wanted no part of this video. 'I'm outta here!'.”
“The cool cats really weren’t about any drama..” 😽
[Video: NotFamousMartin @YouTube]
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