Xmas • “HELP! 😱 Anyone else have a cat like mine?!" What can I do with my poorπŸŽ„?”

Christmas Cat GIF • Naughty cat climbs up Xmas tree and knock it on the wall [ok-cats.com]
"Soon at all homes of cat lovers." 😁
"Not yet...but it's sure to happen. Wait for it!"
"I had to take my tree down already my little one got his hind leg
stuck in the lights in my pre lit tree and we have to cut the wire for the lights and the. Tree came down after. Little monsters!" πŸ˜‚
"Why do they do this? Surprisingly mine has stayed up this year, the past years have been horrible!".
" I don't put a tree up. I love my ornaments enough not to see them broken."
"My cat indeed climbed up the tree, she didn't knock it down: good girl."
"Nope, we use sandbags and wrap them up as presents to weigh the tree down."
"My cats don't climb the tree but they chew on the branches and lights and nap on the tree skirt."
"No decorations in our house ("This is why we can't have nice things" the hoomans are always telling me).
"Pro tip: use command hooks and fishing line to anchor it to each wall, never comes down”πŸ‘
[Video @munchkin_minnie]
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