When suddenly your crazy cat thinks he’s a squirrel! πŸ’₯

Amazing Cat GIF • Crazy cat with harness runs in the forest and climbs up a tree like a squirrel [ok-cats.com]
“Is it a squirrel? Is it a climbing bear? No, it’s just a crazy catcrobat.” 😁
“Funny cats. Those climbing skills are astounding, poor dΓΈgs without claws couldn’t do that!” πŸ˜‹
“Amazing cat with harness, because my cat would just lay flat playing dead on the ground if you put her on a leash, hahaha!” 😸
“Your Squirrel cat is hungry and wants some hazelnuts, that’s why…” πŸ˜‚
[Video @nevamasquerade_olu]
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