'Maru' walking on gorgeous maple leaf carpet to get some pets ✋

Cute Cat GIF • 'Maru' walking on the Autumn leaves road! He wants some pets [ok-cats.com]
Such a wonderful red carpet of leaves, crunching sweetly under Maru's paws! 👧
“When 'Maru' walked towards you to get some pets... awww.  There will never be a cat like Maru. so smart, cool but so loving.” 💕
“How beautiful all these golden Red Maple Leaves. I want to walk on it, just like Maru & feel & hear the crunch of the leaves 🍂 under my feet.” 👍
“Maple leaves are a joy for the eye, and I'm sure that Maru, like some cats, has esthetic sense.“
[Video: mugumogu @YouTube]
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