ViDEO • OMG! 😱 Crazy kitten destroys cat grass pot! HUGE mess in the room!!!

The owner who doesn't care about the room getting crowded and let the cat play as she likes is wonderful.” 👏 👏 👏
“Don't"blame her, this is just a new way of gardening 😂 A kitty way!” 😸
“I wonder what the INNOCENT plant did to her... kkk”
“The kitty is so lucky to have found such an owner.” 💕
“The plant and him, obviously, have a long history.” 😼
“ Respect to the owner, nerves of steel.” 😍
“I have never seen anyone get more enjoyment out of a plant!” 😹
[Video: oliviathekittyy @TikTok]

Good luck cleaning up this mess
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